• Bush Hogging

    Trying to Tame Your Property?

    Bush Hogging or Brush Hogging, Whichever You Prefer To Call It

    Yes, We Do That, Too!

    Bush Hogging

    Since the start of the season, we’ve noticed several properties and vacant lots in need of some “TLC.”

    When we first started our local, small business, we at OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC focused on helping customers keep/maintain their residential properties neatly mowed and trimmed. Folks tell us we do a fantastic job at that, too!

    Because we’ve received many inquiries about properties that have gone ‘wild’ and need to be ‘tamed,’ we have branched out, expanded our horizon of services that we offer to our valued customers.

    If you’re still thinking it might cost too much to ‘tame’ that ‘wild’ property, you really should give us a call for a FREE Estimate: You will be surprised at both the results we can achieve and how affordable our services can be!

    OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC
    The Grass is Always Greener on the OtherSide!