• Fall Is Here Folks

    Whether you judge the seasons by the calendar, by the Farmer’s Almanac, or by the leaves on the trees (or on your lawn), you’ve likely got better things to do than prepare your lawn for what’s coming next, Yes?

    If you answered, “Yes,” then you owe it to yourself to give OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC a call today for a FREE ESTIMATE how we can take care of your lawn care and landscaping needs to prepare for winter.

    Since Fall is officially here, we remind you that your FREE ESTIMATE is only a phone call away! Too, we can save you some green and simplify your life, too!

    Contact us at 423.258.9541 for your FREE ESTIMATE! Then, sit back, relax, and leave the rest to the OtherSide crew!

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    Looking for a great gift idea for yourself or someone you love? Give the gift of lawn care. Fall is officially here. Fall also means it’s going to get cold outside! Would you or someone you know appreciate some time off to enjoy family, not raking leaves, right?

    If you’re searching for the perfect gift for yourself or for that certain someone in your life, then you’re in luck! Most folks will agree that raking up leaves from the lawn is pretty low on their list of how they’d like to spend their evenings/weekends.

    So what better gift to give yourself or that certain someone an extra hand in preparing their lawn and landscaping for the cold Winter ahead? Imagine what you (and that certain someone) could do with those ‘extra’ weeknights and weekends free. Spend less time chasing leaves and spend more time with those you love.


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