• Fertilization and Weed Control

    March 1, 2016 | WebMaster
  • Fertilization and Weed Control

    Fertilization and Weed Control


    OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC offers a comprehensive lawn care program to achieve not only a healthy, green lawn but one with maximum curb appeal!

    Our comprehensive program includes more than just mowing; Yes, we mow and maintain your lawn for maximum curb appeal. But we also offer the 1 + 2 punch: Our comprehensive lawn care program includes mowing + fertilization & weed control, because both are needed for an optimally healthy, green lawn.

    Step 1: Regular mowing one of the best ways to control weeds, because a thick, beautiful lawn serves to choke out weeds (helps prevent them from growing in the first place).

    Step 2: The application of premium-quality fertilizer serves to fortify your lawn, promote thickening and greening, too.

    That’s the OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC 1 + 2 punch!

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