• Pro Tip – Outdoor Lighting

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    Pro Tip - Outdoor Lighting

    Pro Tip – Outdoor Lighting

    Here’s a Pro tip to help boost your property’s curb appeal: Light your pathways and/or driveway.

    Nothing says “unwelcome” like a dark, unlit house. Landscape lighting adds ambiance, and it helps prevent accidents and keeps unwanted intruders away, too.

    1. Tip: Solar lighting is the most affordable, but it is also the least dependable (not every day is clear & sunny, right?). If you have basic wiring skills, you can install affordable landscape lighting yourself.
    2. Tip: Check housing and neighborhood codes in your area before starting any project.

    Here’s a link to show you just how quick and easy this project can be: How to Install Landscape Lighting

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    Thanks, OtherSide Lawn Care, LLC...this is a great Pro Tip!